Nutrifii: A new approach to wellness

Nutrifii provides a collection of premium supplements that gives your body the nutritional support it needs for optimum health. Using ingredients from natural sources, our formulas are carefully blended for maximum potency and absorption, increasing their benefits to you. A new approach to wellness, Nutrifii provides the building blocks your body needs.

The gold standard of quality

Every Nutrifii product is rigorously tested and proven to exceed industry standards for quality and purity.
Scientific integrity demands that every offering under the Nutrifii name be put under the scrutiny of the toughest and most knowledgeable minds working in nutritional science to prove efficacy and quality. Our manufacturing processes are voluntarily audited by third-party inspectors who assess good practice standards, label and formulation accuracy, product testing, clinical study reviews, and toxicology.

We guarantee that each of our products are independently laboratory tested, quality guaranteed, and meets USP specification for uniformity, potency, and disintegration where applicable-thereby proving worthy of the ARIIX Seal of Approval.

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This contains one bottle each of Optimals Vitamins and Optimals Minerals, which provide a full range of critical nutrients in maintaining healthy cellular function and supporting proper heart, eye, skin, and lung function as well as promoting improved bone, muscle and nerve health. Optimals are derived from all-natural and organic sources, and are gentle on the stomach for easy digestion and quick absorption.

Supports heart and brain function through a balanced combination of essential fatty acids and CoQ-10.

Omega-Q supports the cardiovascular system and optimal brain health by combining omega-3 fatty acids and CoQ-10 into one convenient source.

Combines both DHA and EPA fatty oils, which help balance your healthy cholesterol and assist in energy production.

Made with the highest quality omega fatty acids derived from small fish, which has been shown to improve heart health, brain function, and sense of overall well being.

Supports heart, eyes, skin, and lungs.

Vináli supports immune function, cardiovascular health, and youthful skin through a blend of vitamin C and grape seed extract.

These powerful antioxidants have been shown in studies to produce anti-aging effects, as well as protection for brain and nerve tissue.

Supports cellular energy and a healthy heart.

Biopro-Q is an excellent source of CoQ-10, which is essential for the body’s natural production of cellular energy, and promotes heart health.

Supports detoxification and healthy pH through a restorative blend of zeolite, chlorella, and superfoods.

Restoriix combines zeolite, charcoal, and nutrient-dense superfoods that attract and remove free radicals and unwanted substances from the body. Balances pH levels and supports healthy immune function while bolstering the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Supports energy and mental alertness through an invigorating proprietary boost blend.

Rejuveniix supports energy and mental alertness through a combination of green coffee bean extract and L-theanine. One serving is equivalent to 6 grams of açaí berry puree with boosts from 5 other antioxidant fruits.

Supports bones and muscles through a strengthening blend of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.

Magnical-D supports healthy bones and muscles through highly bioavailable forms of calcium, including calcium citrate and calcium malate.

Combines the necessary vitamins and minerals that must be present to ensure maximum calcium absorption in the body, including magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2.

Instead of featuring only a few watered-down ingredients, Moa combines 34 potent superfoods in every single bottle.

Reasons why Nutrifii products are Safe, Natural, and Proven-Effective!

Nutrifii are ideal for all patients seeking wellness—whether they are healthy and seeking disease prevention, in pre-diagnosis requiring correction, or post-onset.

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